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Augustana District (AD) Prayer Team to Form

In Matthew 11:29 there is a promise to claim, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me …”  We’ve all heard today’s phrase, ‘yoked at the hip’; and we understand it to be ‘two’ walking as one. In order to help you walk closer with Christ, we want to support our district with prayer.

The vision is to gather several willing TEAM LEADERS to organize, outline, and schedule the topics. This group would co-ordinate communication links between the local congregations, their needs, and to offer prayers. The TEAM would be a distribution point for prayer and also a gathering point for requests. They would give voice to the flow and ebb of communal prayer for our AD.

The PRAYER NETWORK is all who are willing to pray with us!!

The mission of prayer support will include:

  • Praying for our congregations
  • Praying for our pastors, staff, and leaders
  • Lifting up events, current activities, mission focuses in prayer

If you wish to be part of the TEAM leadership, please contact Jan Kreie, 320-510-1942 (cell phone) or email, or mail: PO Box 382, Brownton, MN 55312.

We will give you another communication as the Team gets organized and we gather a listing of those who wish to be part of the Network.

“To pray is to let Jesus come into our hearts.” O Hallesby  To have Jesus in your heart is to walk his way!!