2022 Convocation & Convention Event

Join us for the combined events of
The Convocation of the Cross and the Annual Convention!

Additional details coming soon!

The Word Alone


Thursday May 5, 2022
“Where’s the Truth”

Retreat/conversation with Dr. Steven
Paulson (Supper on your own)

6:00PM Registration*/Check-In
7:00PM Reception
7:30PM Presentation by Dr. Paulson

*While the emphasis for this event focuses on raising up the next generation of ministry leaders, all pastors are encouraged to invite ANYONE interested in parish ministry.

The Preached Word


Friday May 6, 2022
“Luther’s Outlaw God”


Annual Convocation of the Cross
Dr. Steve Paulson

Schedule TBD

The Sent Word


Saturday May 7, 2022
“Jesus’ Life/Our Bodies”

Annual District Convention

Schedule TBD

Day 3: Who May Vote? Who May Attend?

From our Constitution:

5.03. Each congregation shall be entitled to two delegates at all conventions where Augustana business is conducted. Congregations with average worship attendance in excess of 500 shall be entitled to one additional delegate for every additional 250 average worship attendees over the 500 member base. Delegates shall be selected by member congregations pursuant to such internal procedures as member congregations may, from time to time, adopt. The manner of determining how delegates cast votes on behalf of their respective member congregations at conventions shall be determined by the member congregation on whose behalf the delegates are acting. Pastors not identified as delegates by a congregation shall be entitled to voice but not vote at Augustana conventions.

We welcome all people to attend the Augustana District Convention. Participants will register as “Voting  delegates,” “Member” or “Guest” as defined below:

Voting Delegate

Voting Delegates of the District Convention are delegates chosen by Member Congregations as outlined above. Please register as a “Voting Delegate.” Delegates have both “voice” and “vote.”

Member Registrant

Member registrants are individuals who belong to member congregations of the Augustana District but are not official delegates. This may include (but is not limited to) pastors who are attending, but who are not designated “delegates” by their church. This category also includes people who are members of an Associate Member Congregation of the Augustana District and people who are Individual Associate Members. “Member” registrants have “voice,” but no “vote.”

Guest Registrant

Guest registrants are individuals attending the district convention who fit neither of the categories above. This category allows us to encourage, and extend a warm welcome to, all interested friends to come and participate.

Registration Fee's

Additional details coming soon

  • Thursday - Saturday $ TBD
  • Friday & Saturday $ TBD
  • Saturday Only $ TBD
  • Online $ TBD

Refund Policy

28+ Days before event = 100%
14 - 27 Days prior to event = 50%
13 Days or less prior to event = 0%

Get Registered

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