Congregational Missions

Congregations across North America have splintered over the decisions of the 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. This has created a growing number of mission start-up churches. While funding these by the District will not likely be a possibility, BDM exists to help, support, guide and partner with new congregations that want to join LCMC and/or associate with the Augustana District. Additionally, BDM is responsible for public relations, publicity, and any and all means of “getting the word out” about Augustana.

Congregational Visioning Process

The Congregational Visioning Process is a tool congregation’s may use to process congregational discernment. Where is God leading your congregation? How do we discern? This process uses prayer, scripture, and mutual conversation as the components that work toward a collective consensus of where God is leading. Feel free to adapt it to fit your own needs.

Board Members

Pastor Craig Rew-Werling, ChairLiving Word, Milbank, SDEmail Pr. Craig
Pastor Bryan AndersonFirst, Clear Lake, WI
Pastor Becky HandLife in Grace, Odessa, TX
Pastor Terrill SorensenBritton Parish, Britton, SD
Pastor Kelly WasbergLiving Word, Marshall, MN
Pastor Mark JohnsonSt. Paul Lutheran Church,
Springfield, MN
Jan Ferguson (Council Rep)
Ben Luense

Missions for Congregations

Each congregation is a mission, that is an extension of the preached Word and therefore an extension of the Great Commission.  One method to learn what congregations are doing is by joining the Missions Forum. Mission work is not exclusively in far away countries. We have a great need for missions right in our own communities. Augustana District congregations share local and regional mission ideas that fit any size congregation.

  • Spaghetti drive-thru dinner.  It’s an annual fundraiser that is used to help people with medical expenses.  Customers pre-order their meals and then they can drive up and we’ll carry their to-go spaghetti meals to their car.
  • A small group to prepare meals monthly for the sick, home-bound, families in need.They meet once a month in the church kitchen or could meet in a home, and store the meals in the freezer until needed. Usually, a meal along with baked cookies are delivered to provide assistance to those in need.
  • Area Food Pantry. Have events where non-perishable food is collected for the local food pantry.  Partner with Food Pantry to have people on call to help unload trucks, volunteers to assist load shelves or those to assist guests shop. Our congregation volunteers to assist shoppers at the Food Pantry 2 days every 12 weeks.
  • Local Family Outreach. In every community, there are families that need assistance. We have become aware of situations where individuals suffered the loss of a spouse, were disabled or aging and were physically unable to do needed chores, or families overburdened in need of home repair or other such maintenance in our local area. Volunteers access what is needed for each situation, organize a plan, assemble groups of people, sometimes based on skills or based on activities planned and then we gather together to fill the need.
  • Partner with other churches or agencies such as Operation Christmas Child. This is a great multi-generational project to collect items for shoe boxes sent to children in multiple countries around the world. Find another organization who is managing the packing of the shoe boxes and assist them with collecting items, and supplying volunteers to support their efforts. Churches with sufficient volunteer base can handle the packing events through Samaritan’s Purse
  • Compassion International or World Vision Sponsorships. Sponsor children, communicate with them and pray for them. Our congregation has an annual luncheon for sponsors to share stories of connections with sponsored children.
  • Internal Outreach includes Prayer. The prayer team is made aware of needs through communication cards, emails, phone calls or personal contact. Prayer team members are available after most Sunday services for special individual prayer for those who have a need. The prayer team meets every other week, but also stay in tune to needs through email on a daily basis.

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: 1 Peter 4:10