Board of World Missions

The Board of World Mission’s (BWM) task is two-fold. First, it helps ensure that your offerings will support international mission work that is consistent with our theological emphasis and fiscally worthy of your support. Each ministry is vetted by the BWM and is periodically reviewed to give you confidence that your support is in the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ alone. Secondly, BWM is responsible for administering and supervising any District-wide mission projects that the annual convention may establish.

We lift up for your consideration two groups of Mission Partnerships: the Key District Mission Partners and the Vetted Mission Organizations.

Key District Mission Partners

The following three Key District Mission Partners are ones with which we have had a long, direct, and significant relationship.  Your financial support of these ministries should be sent through the District as we have established wire transfer times to forward 100% of your giving in direct support.


Tabor Evangelist Project, Hawassa, Ethiopia

Our partnership with Tabor Congregation began in 2012 with prayers and the raising up of a shared vision to help them reach out into mostly rural areas with a trained staff of Evangelists.  Formalized in 2014, when a team from Augustana was hosted by Tabor, we have sought to provide:

  • ½ of the yearly salary of their lay evangelists (app. $650, depending on qualifications)
  • An $800 farmer program offering training and supplies
  • Motorcycles for pastors to visit and support the evangelists
  • Bicycles for the evangelists to move between preaching points
  • Other special projects

Evangelist Training, North Central Ethiopian Synod 

Since 2018, we have had a special giving opportunity with the North Central Synod of the EECMY.  Through their Bishop’s office we support the printing and distribution of the materials used to train and further equip their lay evangelists.  Like Tabor, noted above, the placement of the North Central Synod evangelists is largely in Muslim areas that need to be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

All India Masihi Jamat

All India Masihi Jamat  

This ministry began in 1992 in the slums of Delhi, India.  Today, they minister to the poorest and lowest castes among seven states in India.  AIMJ provides social services all under the mission of reaching India for Christ.  Currently, the Augustana District is partnering with Pastor Asad Masih,  AIMJ’s General Secretary, to support 4 of their pastors at $125 per month.  These pastors are preaching the Gospel to Muslims in Northern India, seeing one hundred plus baptisms into saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Financial Support of Key District Mission Partners can be sent to:

Augustana District
335 Main St. 
Hutchinson, MN 55350

Financial Support of Key District Mission Partners can be sent to:

Augustana District
335 Main St. 
Hutchinson, MN 55350

The Board of World Missions has researched and vetted a number of missions agencies and organizations. We have invited them to post brief information about their missions and ministries here, on our website, as well as to provide a link to their own. These vetted agencies and organizations represent the opinions of the Board of World Missions, and their recommendations do not eliminate each congregation’s or individual’s need to perform their own due diligence. That said, we are glad to share with you some very exciting ministries in World Missions. If there are other agencies, missions, and/or organizations that would like to be considered by the Board of World Missions, please contact the District Service Coordinator or the Chair of the Board of World Missions.

To see all of our Vetted Missions

BWM Members
Deborah Flatau
(Council Rep)
New Creation, Perham, MN
Dr. Mike Fuchs Hope, Huron, SD
Rev. Becky Hand
(District Staff)
Faith Fellowship, Odessa, Tx
Rev. Paul KnudsonFaith, Hutchinson, MN
Eric Knutson
(BWM Chair)
Christ the King, Hutchinson, MN
Rev. Matt ShieldsSt. John's, Flanagan, IL
Rev. Thomas Thorstad
First Evangelical Lutheran Church , Kirkland, IL
Sara Wegner
(Council Rep)
Faith Lutheran, Hutchinson, MN

World Missions Ministry Information Form

The Board of World Missions has developed a form for congregations to use to gather mission information. The Board has used this form as a tool for its own “vetting” of applying agencies.  Augustana District has made this form available for use by congregation for those missions agencies they wish to study. 

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