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Board of World Missions

BWM’s task is really two-fold. First, it will sort and sift through numerous already existing international mission projects to identify those that are consistent with our theological emphasis and fiscally worthy of support. These will be made available to congregations who may wish, voluntarily, to support them. This saves each congregation the time and work of sifting through them all by themselves. Secondly, BWM is responsible for administering and supervising any District-wide mission projects that the annual convention may establish.

With Thankful Hearts we celebrate the generosity of gifts we have received to share the gospel in Ethiopia

We have received and will be sending to Tabor $18,169 for the van purchase; $14,863.06 for evangelist support, and $1,000 designated for land purchase for Kibron Outreach Center in Hawassa. This is a total of $34,032.06. Praise God! 

At the end of 2016 we have received $2,214.89 for a laptop computer for the instructor, but still need just over $500 to accomplish this goal. Any help would be welcomed. The funds noted come from Living Word Lutheran Church in Moses Lake, Washington. They have been the primary funding source for this effort. To date $5,600 has been sent in 2016.

In partnership with the Tabor Congregation in the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus we support more than 50 evangelists.

To support the Tabor plan to reach 100,000 people with the Gospel, send a check to the Augustana District with the "Tabor"  in the memo line to:

335 Main St. 
Hutchinson, MN 55350
To God be the Glory!

Ethiopian Mission Partnership

Pastor Dawit y Wario shared his story of how God is using the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekan Yesus (EECMY) to reach out to people across Ethiopia with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and his ambitious goal of reaching 100,000 people with the Gospel in the next 5 years to a group of Augustana District Members in the fall of 2012. In January 2014 a group of 11 Augustana District members took a journey to Ethiopia that covered hundreds of miles and visited many remote preaching points, outreach centers and schools that the Tabor Congregation had established over their short 20 year history. It was there that the Partnership between the Tabor Congregation and Augustana District took Root.

2014-01-12 Congregation Map.230x230.jpg

As a result of our relationship, more than 50 evangelists are currently being supported with more added each year, worship centers and schools are being built in a Muslim communities, new bicycles and motorcycles were purchased to help evangelists reach remote congregations and preaching points, funds were used for training and supplies for local farmers. 

EECMY-Tabor was officially established Oct 19, 1996 with:
2 Evangelists,
2 Security persons,
$1033 USD
368 total members.

By the of 2015 annual income was $460,094 USD
Annual expenditure $473,502 USD
Total members 8,210, 3,405 Communicant members

Current Ministers and workers
AT Tabor
5 Pastors                    22 Evangelists Arsi area
15 Evangelists               1 Pastor Hawassa area
27 Administration staff    2 Evangelists Hawassa area
44 Teachers at school     25 Missionaries for In-country or Cross                                                          Cultural Mission
4 Children Development Program workers ministry
1 Missionary family (2 persons)
All together 147 Ministers and workers are administered by Tabor congregation right now

Strategic Plan 2014-2018
Share the Gospel with 100,000 People
35,000 will respond to Proclamation of the Gospel
10,500 will become disciples and disciple-makers
10 New congregations will be formed
5 Ordained Pastors by 2018
2 mission sites will be planted in neighboring countries

Congregations established so far: 18
Preaching places and outreach centers: 34
In-country or Cross-cultural mission centers: 25
Total: 77

Main Ministries
1. Discipleship Making Ministry
• Sunday School for baptized children
• Follow-up class for new believers or beginners
• Confirmation class, doctrinal teaching
• Ministerial teaching class to equip confirmed members for different ministries for volunteer service within congregation
2. Evangelistic Outreach Ministry
3. In-country or Cross-cultural Mission Ministry
4. Diaconal ministry
• Children Development: 232 Children and 1160 eneficiaries
• Schools: Pre-school 166, Primary & Secondary 519, High School 124, Night Class 231, (total 1040 students)
• Agriculture
• Society Centered Technical and Skill Training 21 students
• Environmental protection

Church Building
Worship was started in canvas New building under construction 30mx 40m
6m x 4m mud house started 2006 accommodates 4500
8m x 16m cement block house Designed in form of Arc, Est Cost $875,515 USD
Except Ceiling, electrical & sound systems installation, floor, painting
The inside walls and chairs, the rest of the work is already finished
$472,607 USD in cash has been invested
$65,987 USD in kind such as sand, gravel, labor work are covered by members
Total expenditure so far is $538,594 USD
$336,921 USB is needed to accomplish the building
61% of the work is completed, 39% of the work is left

Blessings in the mission work
• Doors are open across the country for spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
• There are a lot of requests coming to Tabor from different areas to reach them and also from different congregations to work with them
• New believers are coming to Christ at different places where we have reached with the gospel
• By the support we have been receiving from A-D we are able to send many Evangelists to different places for Mission work
• New places were able to be reached
• Evangelists are able to move to different places due to the Motorcycles and bicycles they have received via the support from A-D
• New modest church buildings or worship places were able to be built at evangelistic outreach areas

• Lack of Modest Worship Houses
• Lack of Funeral places
• Unwillingness or delay system to give plots of land by responsible local administration
• Lack of means of transportation for Evangelists
• Shortage of support for persecuted individuals due to their faith
• Lack of support to send Evangelists to theological schools

Future Plans and Direction
• To Expand and Strengthen the evangelistic outreach and the In-country or Cross-cultural mission ministries both in Ethiopia and beyond.
• To finish the New church building by 2017
• To send missionaries to the neighboring countries by 2017 or 2018
• To work hard on hwo to make all the members the disciples of Jesus Christ in order to bring real reformation in their lives, at their work places and in Ethiopia at Large
• To upgrade the school to College and University level in the long run.

Augustana District approved mission budget includes $100,000 toward Tabor ministries for the next year
• Training and salary for Outreach and Mission
• Training for missionaries, adding additional missionaries
• Construction for new and completion of existing worship houses
• Purchase land for worship places
• Purchase bicycles for evangelists transportation

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World Mission Ministry Information Form

The Board of World Missions has devised a form to use to gather information from various missions agencies. The Board has used this form as a tool for its own “vetting” of these agencies. We make it available for use in your own congregation for those missions agencies you wish to study. You can find the form here.

Our Mission Partners

The Board of World Missions has researched and vetted a number of missions agencies and organizations. We have invited them to post brief information about their missions and ministries here, on our website, as well as to provide a link to their own. These vetted agencies and organizations represent the opinions of the Board of World Missions, and their recommendations do not eliminate each congregation’s or individual’s need to perform their own due diligence. That said, we are glad to share with you some very exciting ministries in World Missions. If there are other agencies, missions, and/or organizations that would like to be considered by the Board of World Missions, please contact the District Service Coordinator or the Chair of the Board of World Missions. 

Expect a Contact from a
BWM Representative

Your board wants to know what your world mission engagements are and to listen to your concerns or hopes for witness to the ends of the earth. To that end you can expect a phone call or an initial e-mail in the next weeks. It is the board’s intention to survey all AD congregations to get a good picture of what all of us are presently doing. Please receive the representative and be open to some good conversation. The plan is to speak to either the pastor or a mission committee contact. If you know your contact information has changed, please let us know. You can give that to Pastor Paul Knudson via email.

Board Member Information

Rev. Paul Knudson, (Co-chairperson)
 (Faith, Hutchinson, MN)
Email Pr. Paul
 Lew Weeks 
 (Living Word, Marshall, MN)
Email Lew 
Greg Curry 
 (Christ the King, Hutchinson, MN)
Email Greg
Rev. Greg Lenz
 (Resurrection Lutheran Church, Mankato)
Email Pr. Greg
Eric Knutson
 (Christ the King, Hutchinson, MN)
Email Eric
Rev. Matt Shields
 (Shepherd of the Hills, Richfield, WI)
Email Pr. Matt
Dr. Mike Fuchs 
(Hope, Huron, SD)
Email Dr. Mike
Jim Peterson
 (St. John’s, Howard Lake, MN)
Email Jim

Video::  Augustana District Members visit Africa.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?" Then I said, "Here am I. Send me!" ~Isaiah 6:8