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Augustana District

The Augustana District relies on donations to continue serving our growing number of congregations. As you know, the district does not have dues but relies on individual and congregational contributions to provide services to the district and beyond. Your prayerful consideration is greatly needed and very much appreciated.

Tabor Project

Augustana District is called to stand with EECMY to support evangelists, to provide EECMY Seminarian support, and to purchase bicycles and motorcycles for evangelists to travel to communities to spread the Gospel. Three worship centers are in the process of construction, one in a very challenging Muslim community.


As a district, we are supporting 4 pastors at $125/month. These pastors are preaching the Gospel to Muslims in northern India and the harvest is great!

2020 Initiative

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Or call us at 320.234.8403 or email us at [email protected]