Board of World Missions


The Boards, Council & Staff of Augustana District

District Council

The business and affairs of the Augustana District are conducted by the District Council. Council members are elected at the Annual Convention of the Augustana District. Their responsibilities include ensuring and verifying that the District operates according to its constitution, bylaws, and Statement of Faith. To this end, the District Council oversees the Boards and District staff. The District Council functions as the Board of Trustees and is responsible to the District Convention for all fiscal matters, including the District budget, revenues, and expenditures. From among its own membership, the District Council elects a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer, and deploys its members to the four Boards.

Board of World Missions

BWM’s task is really two-fold. First, it will sort and sift through numerous already existing international mission projects to identify those that are consistent with our theological emphasis and fiscally worthy of support. These will be made available to congregations who may wish, voluntarily, to support them. This saves each congregation the time and work of sifting through them all by themselves. Secondly, BWM is responsible for administering and supervising any District-wide mission projects that the annual convention may establish.

Board of Congregational Services

This Board exists to provide specific services to congregations, as they desire. Consistent with LCMC practice, churches maintain control of their call process, but BCM is available for advice, counsel, and support–including providing background checks. BCM also creates a recommended but voluntary set of salary guidelines and mediates conflict within and between churches when internal efforts have failed. BCM also exists to help, support, guide, and partner with new congregations that want to join LCMC and/or associate with the Augustana District, and to assist congregations in being vital, healthy communities of faith. Additionally, BDM is responsible for public relations, publicity, and any and all means of “getting the word out” about Augustana.

Board of Theology & Ministry

While the members of the other three Boards are appointed by the District Council, the members of the BTM are elected by the District Convention. The rationale for this is that this Board has been given theological and professional oversight of Augustana’s pastors. BTM is charged with administering LCMC’s pastoral certification process and the District’s endorsement process. These steps are designed to examine the qualifications of pastors wishing entry into the Augustana District. Once pastors are admitted into the District, BTM is responsible for enforcing the Ministry Standards of the District. Additionally, it is to sponsor an annual theological conference required for all its pastors and open to any lay participants. As BTM’s primary mission is “to preserve and promote the District’s theological and confessional commitments,” it also will interface with the Board of Christian Education.

Board of Christian Education

This board exists to encourage, support, and provide resources for the study of Scripture and religious education within member congregations; and shall relate to, partner with, and lend support to Sola Publishing and potentially to other organizations that identify with our theological commitments and our mission objectives. BCE also organizes Christian Education events, such as Confirmation Retreats.

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