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Trinity Lutheran Church in Brooks, Alberta is seeking a Transitional Pastor to assist us in our mission to “Serve Christ our Lord by welcoming, equipping and sending disciples”.  Our current pastor is in process of retiring.  He has graciously continued serving in a 75% role in order to facilitate a smooth transition.  We are also blessed that our former Youth & Family minister has accepted a contract call as our Lead Pastor through this process.  This husband and wife team has served us faithfully for 24 years and with this change Trinity is seeking God’s will as we search for a new pastor to join our family.  This fall we participated in a visioning workshop led by Moving Forward Coaching.  This workshop gave us some recommendations and one of those was to seek a Transitional Pastor to further evaluate and review Trinity and its ministry in order to have an “outside” assessment and recommendation on whom could best shepherd Trinity in the years to come.  Below is a synopsis of what we are looking for, as well as a congregational and community summary.   We are casting our net in hopes of finding that pastor who is uniquely qualified to guide us through this process.  This 6–12 month Transitional Pastor position would serve our congregation by evaluating, reviewing and visioning with us as we prepare to call a new permanent lead pastor. 

Transitional Pastor Duties include:

  • Leading careful examination of ministries, staffing, policies and congregational vitality for the purpose of making recommendations to Church Council.  
  • Assisting with visioning for God’s direction for this congregation.  This includes moving through the transition from a long-term husband/wife pastorate team. 
  • Attending meetings and working alongside the various ministries with emphasis on evaluation and revitalization. 
  • Regularly praying for this congregation and its ministries.
  • Aiding in congregational worship and programming, which may include preaching, as well as sharing in pastoral responsibilities.

Congregational Summary

Trinity is an active, multi-generational congregation, averaging 140-180 attendants for worship.  There are numerous active ministries, including Sunday School for ages 4 to adult, ladies Bible study, midweek evening Bible studies, missions ministry that includes local mission initiatives and travel mission teams, Vacation Bible School, funeral luncheon team, confirmation classes, quilting group, vibrant music teams, caring ministry teams and visitation teams.  The church staff includes two pastors, two part time office staff and contract custodians.  Our building is also actively used by groups in our community such as Girl Guides, ALANON, A.A., and an African Christian Church Group.

Community Summary

Trinity is situated in Brooks, a small city of 15,000 in southeastern Alberta.  Brooks is ethnically and culturally diverse with over 100 languages and dialects spoken and is supported by the main industries of oil & gas and agriculture (farming & ranching), including the JBS Beef Processing Plant.  Brooks is easily accessible as it is only a 1 hour and 45-minute drive southeast of the Calgary International Airport on the Trans-Canada Highway. 

If this is a position you feel that God is calling you to, please visit to see the full job description, congregation profile, and community profile. All applications can be sent to [email protected] and will be reviewed.

Where: St Johns Lutheran Church, Springfield, MN


St. Johns Lutheran Church is committed to the work of educating and training pastors for LCMC. We have created an intern position to provide students with an opportunity to develop their skills in pastoral ministry. This is a traditional internship in the sense that it is one year long and covers the spectrum of the work of a small town, medium sized congregation, with direct, on-site supervision.

Interns will have freedom to explore their talents and interests, with a supervising pastor to offer support and direction. Responsibilities The intern will not have sole responsibility in any one area of the ministry of the congregation, but will, instead, have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the pastoral office. The final project will be in an area of the intern’s choosing, reflecting his/her particular interests.

The following aspects of pastoral ministry will be experienced in the internship.

Worship – the intern will regularly lead Sunday morning services, and will participate in the planning/leadership of an occasional service (wedding, funeral, etc)

Preaching – the intern will receive regular opportunities to preach at Sundaymorning services, and other services (as appropriate)

Pastoral Care/Visitation – the intern will participate in the care ministry of the congregation, visiting elderly, ill and homebound members and leading worship at the nursing home

Christian Education – the intern will participate and have opportunities to lead in all aspects of the education ministry of the congregation, including Sunday School, adult Bible study, confirmation, and Milestones Ministry

Church Administration – the intern will attend monthly meetings of the church council and other board and committee meetings as appropriate

Other – the intern will have the opportunity to explore any/all other aspects of parish ministry as his/her interests and time allow

About St Johns Lutheran Church

St. Johns Lutheran Church is a congregation of 480 members located in Springfield, MN (about 120 miles southwest of the Twin Cities). We have a vibrant education ministry for all ages, offering a variety of Bible studies for adults, a large cross-generational Sunday school, a two-year confirmation program, and Milestones Ministry. We also have an active, volunteer-led youth group. We are deeply rooted in the community of Springfield and have a variety of outreach ministries in the community. We have traditional worship and an appreciation for music. Historically, we are out of the Norwegian branch of the Lutheran Church. We have been in LCMC since 2010. Our pastor has 20 years of pastoral experience and has been serving with us since 2012.

Contact Person: Julie Smith

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